Window Cleaning Subcontracting: What You Should Know

Sometimes, your company gets so many requests of your services that you don’t have enough resources to service everyone. The simplest thing to do might be to reject some of the requests. Rejecting however may result to customer loss and profit loss. A smart move to make when this situation happens is to consider hiring of window cleaning subcontractors.


Subcontracting is the act of closing a deal between you (prime contractor) and the subcontractor to utilize the resources (human, goods, or vehicles) of the subcontractor to be able to satisfy the completion of your projects. You subcontract when you do not have ample resources to grant customer service requests.


Window cleaning subcontracting must name a point person or contract person, which oversees the completion of the contract. Depending on the need, the company can use one or more subcontracts.


Now if you can afford a subcontracting plan, you must be particular with all the details you will stipulate in your plan. This includes the percentage of money that you want to assign for each resource or material.


Most likely subcontractors are minority institutions, small disadvantage business, veteran-owned business, women-empowered business, and student organizations. To open a deal, contact the potential subcontractor and show them the subcontracting plan.


It is encouraged to stipulate a penalty if the subcontractor does not meet the specified deal on the plan. This is why the presence of a contract person also known as project manager is needed.


The reason why some companies (big or small) subcontract is that they save more money from using other outside resources or just declining the job. Make sure you can still profit using a subcontractor, its not worth it (obviously) if you are losing money on the job or even breaking even.


Once decided to use a window cleaning subcontractor, you must have the following data to show your subcontractor: (1) Primary Information - Identification data of your company,(2) Plan Type - Stipulate if individual, master, or commercial, (3) Aim of the contract stating estimated cash value for each resources being used, (4) Contract person to coordinate with (5) Win-Win opportunity for both prime contractor and subcontractor, (5) expected project timeline documentation, (6) Record keeping, (7) payment plans to subcontractors, (8) and description of good faith.


Subcontracting gives you opportunity to meet deadlines. Do not stick to contracting in the whole duration of your business though. If you can expand, do that to your window cleaning business. Window cleaning subcontracting generally shouldn’t be the permanent solution, only temporary.

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